Take Me Out's flirty thirty reveal love of hairy man and super kickboxing skills

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Take Me Out is back tonight on ITV and the thirty flirty get feisty.

Tonight's second episodes sees Riccardo from Wales, Charlie from North Yorkshire, Harry from London and Dan from Hampshire drop down the love lift.


But will any of them impress the ladies?

This weekend some of the girls we meet include Em, a Recruitment Consultant from Blackpool. She reveals to host Paddy McGuinness that she’s been single for two years and although she has been on plenty of first dates, no one has impressed her enough to warrant a follow up date.

When a lad calls to ask for a second date she mimics a voicemail message. “So when they call, I say the person you are calling is unavailable, please try again later.“

Meanwhile, Kristina, a paralegal from Russia, reveals she is really into hairy men.

Paddy asks whether she’s into Simon Cowell type hairy or the full Chewbacca? “The hairier the better, Paddy," Kristina quips.

Meanwhile, Paddy discovers the Flirty Thirty line up is not to be messed with as he chats to Kate who has been a kickboxer for 10 years, Rebecca who does mixed martial arts and May, a karate enthusiast.

Paddy asks them to demo their impressive skills on him and gets more than he bargained for when he’s karate chopped into the Love Lift!

Elsewhere in tonight's Take Me Out, we’ll get to catch up on last Saturday’s love matches and find out how Ciara and Daniel, Corrine and Conrad and Kirsten and Mike fared during their dates on the Isle of Fernandos.


Take Me Out airs at 6:45PM tonight on ITV.

Spin-off show Take Me Out The Gossip is back at 9PM on ITV2 on Sunday night, April 23.

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