Take Me Out stars reckon their show is better than Blind Date

Take Me Out: The Gossip on ITV2

As Blind Date gears up for a return, the stars of Take Me Out have got a dig in.

Channel 5 is set to revive iconic dating series Blind Date this summer with Paul O'Grady in charge.

The show used to air on ITV but the channel now airs Take Me Out - and its presenters think their show is the better.

Host of ITV2 spin-off series Laura Jackson told OK! magazine this week: "We've had seven engagements, five weddings, two babies and there's a wedding this year as well."

She declared: "I think it's better than Blind Date.

"I think it's the most successful dating show of all time."

Take Me Out's ninth series kicked off on Saturday night and Laura's co-host Mark Wright has revealed some details of what we can expect from the show over the next few weeks.

He said: "This year there was a couple that really liked each other but he was being a little bit keen and his date turned to us and was like 'ah he’s being a bit keen but I really like him.'

"We really wanted it to work because they were such a sweet couple. I pulled him aside and was like 'mate you’ve got this, so rein it in a little bit, you know, you two are a perfect couple...'"

Mark went on: "The stand out moment this year is a guy called George. He’s a bit of a lad, he’s from Chelsea, he’s got quite a bit of money, dresses smart and doesn’t look like he’s ever been turned down before.

"He’s reduced to tears for a certain reason - I don’t want to reveal why but it shows how passionately and genuinely he wanted to find a date."

Take Me Out continues on Saturday nights on ITV while Blind Date is expected to begin in the summer on Channel 5.

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