Confessions Of A Junior Doctor reveals shocking state of the NHS

Confessions of a Junior Doctor

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The state of the NHS is revealed in grim detail on Channel 4 tonight in new doc Confessions Of A Junior Doctor.

This new series explores the story of the NHS in unprecedented times, told by the junior doctors currently working on the front line.

There are over 60,000 junior doctors in NHS hospitals and from as young as 23, they work in every department, from the corridors of A&E to the operating theatres of surgery.

Despite their commitment, passion and training, they're working in an NHS that's struggling to cope with rising patient numbers.

Confessions of a Junior Doctor: Emily
Confessions of a Junior Doctor: Emily

Confessions Of A Junior Doctor was filmed at Northampton General Hospital during the height of the 2016 junior doctor crisis.

This first episode this evening follows the first two months of the hospital's year as new graduates begin work and the reality of life as an NHS doctor dawns on them.

One of those followed is Dr Sam Pollen who said of the series: "The show is about the current state of the NHS and the daily life of a Junior Doctor, and how those two things influence each other and interact.

"It’s about the challenges we face, but also the privileges we enjoy, in our career. It’s a difficult career, it’s very taxing, academically and life-wise, but you also get the opportunity to be part of what is often a very important and very scary part of people’s lives. So it’s both a challenge and a privilege."

Confessions of a Junior Doctor: Sam
Confessions of a Junior Doctor: Sam

In an interview ahead of the first episode, Dr Sam warned that the very existence of the NHS is under a "very real and significant imminent threat."

"I think if we continue to move at the rate we’re moving, and we don’t fight for what we have, I think within ten years we could not have an NHS anymore," he explained.

Confessions Of A Junior Doctor airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 4.

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