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The new series of First Dates is back tonight on Channel 4 with its latest series and more singletons looking for love.

Tonight, Fred Sirieix and the team welcome hopeful daters to the First Dates restaurant for the sixth episode of the thirteenth series.

Maître d' Fred helps calm the single souls who are nervously hoping to find their special one - but who are tonight's singletons?

Those looking for love in this week's latest episode include Tyler, who's 25 and has finally taken the big step outdoors to find love.

He worries that most girls are too adventurous for him as he spends most of his time 'indoors, doing nerdy things'.

Luckily, 21-year-old Sinead shares Tyler's passions.

Casey, who's 25 and works as a charity shop manager, has his dream white wedding all mapped out. But is supermarket supervisor and fellow chatterbox Matthew husband material and will he say 'I do' to a second date?

Former bee-keeper Janet, who's 71, is buzzing for her date - as long as he has a 'naughty side'.

Can 65-year-old accountant David with 'snow on the chimney, but fire in the fireplace' set Janet's world alight?

Welsh hairdresser Jess, who's 25, has had a string of disastrous relationships and is looking for a man who's a cut above the rest.

Her date is part-time model and DJ Andrew aka 'Freak Unique' - is he unique enough to impress Jess?

First Dates 2019 airs at 10PM tonight (December 17) on Channel 4.

You can watch past episodes online for free via the All4 Hub.

Meanwhile, a TV boardgame based on the show has been released.

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