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The new series of First Dates is back tonight on Channel 4 with its latest series and more singletons looking for love.

Tonight, Fred Sirieix and the team welcome hopeful daters to the First Dates restaurant for the seventh episode of the new series.

MaƮtre d' Fred helps calm the single souls who are nervously hoping to find their special one - but who are tonight's singletons?

Ruth, who's 71, is 'not your average pensioner' and is struggling to find a man who can keep up with her in her saucy seventies. Car salesman Anthony, who's 68, is a born entertainer who wants to get 'every ounce of life until the box goes in and the curtains close'.

Their date overflows with energy and flirtation, but what happens when Ruth reveals that she 'would hate to meet a man who doesn't want to have sex'?

Meanwhile, Kazzi, who's 22, has never had a proper boyfriend and fears that her cleft lip puts people off. Her date, Adam, is 'bricking it' about dating and normally shies away from the opposite sex.

Kazzi opens up about her childhood, when she was looked after by Mother Teresa in India, and they both discover a shared passion for drumming. Will there be a second date?

Bristolian actor TJ has been told that he looks like Johnny Depp but he hasn't managed to land a leading role in a relationship. Since he turned 40, he's been worried that he'll never find love. He meets support worker Chanelle, who's also from Bristol and who says that 'love is avoiding' her.

Their date gets off to a rocky start when Chanelle discovers that TJ has been out drinking during the day and is now a little worse for wear.

And Amy, who's 27, describes her unique dress sense as 'a glamourous overgrown toddler who has wandered onto a building site'. She came out a few years ago but has 'no idea' when it comes to finding a girlfriend. She can barely contain her excitement when stylish hula-hoop fanatic Liza arrives.

They've both drastically changed their looks in recent years and they bond over their 'hellish' dating experiences. But will Amy's 'bus route' conversation take their date down a dead end?

First Dates 2018 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 4.

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