Pamela Anderson 'storms off Celebrity Juice set over old school picture'

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Pamela Anderson supposedly stormed off the set of Celebrity Juice over an old school picture.

The Baywatch star appeared on the ITV2 show last month alongside host Keith Lemon, who has spilled on what happened.


He told The Sun newspaper that Pamela "stormed off" the show following a joke with an old school picture of her.

"She just suddenly picked up her fur stole and stormed off home!" Keith revealed. “At first I thought it might be because she didn’t want to play a game that involved putting chips up her nose, but it wasn’t, it was because we showed an old school picture of her and she didn’t like it.

“She didn’t tell me, but she said to one of the producers, ‘I’m not happy, I have clearance on all my pictures, I’m not happy you showed that.’

“She could’ve just said, ‘Keith I have to go, I’m meeting a friend’, but no, she just stormed without even saying sorry.”

Keith says that the rest of the cast and crew were "shocked" but continued on with the show.

“There’s so much worse we do to people on Juice so I’m really surprised that’s what made her walk," he added.

In fact, Keith suggested the last minute flounce may have had more to do with something other than the picture.

“Maybe she needed a poo and she ran off because she didn’t wanna poo herself on telly? So made that excuse," he said.


The comic added: “She’s a lovely woman, she’s been on three times, I’m sure I’ll see her again and she’ll explain everything.”

Celebrity Juice continues at 10:30PM tonight on ITV2.

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