Gordon Ramsay blames The Nightly Show's technical error on Jamie Oliver

F Word star has been taking shots at his rival chef on the ITV show

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Gordon Ramsay has jokingly blamed Jamie Oliver for the technical glitch that briefly took The Nightly Show off air.

ITV experienced a transmission fault during Gordon's first episode on Monday, cutting it off for over three minutes.


And during tonight's instalment, the Kitchen Nightmares star poked fun at his rival by pinning the blame on him.

"Before we begin, I'd like to apologise for the technical fault that occurred during last night's show," said Gordon. "For some reason, we were mysteriously taken off air for a few minutes.

"We're still trying to find out what caused it. So far all we've found is this image from the backstage security cameras."

A photoshopped image (pictured above) then flashed up, showing Jamie with a plug he'd apparently pulled out.

"I knew it, I knew it!" Gordon laughed.

The two chefs have had a long-running feud, and Gordon has made several digs at Jamie during his Nightly Show stint.

He suggested Jamie is tackling the child obesity crisis single-handedly by "eating all the junk food himself".

He also said the winner of his week-long 'palate test' game would receive "the most amazing meal" at his restaurant - while the loser would dine at Jamie's Italian.

It's not just Jamie that Gordon has been ribbing, however.


Commenting on a news story that Spanish police found 17kg of cocaine in fake bananas, he said the tainted fruit "sounds like one of Heston [Blumenthal]'s latest desserts".

Gordon recently revealed that his wife Tana suggested he should quit The Nightly Show over its poor reception.

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