The Nightly Show ratings! Who was the most popular host?

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After eight weeks, ITV's The Nightly Show is done for its first series and all the ratings are in.

But which host proved the most popular and could it be back for a second series?


The week day late night chat show aired at 10PM from March with a new face in charge each Monday, starting with David Walliams.

His week was the most watched of the lot although no doubt would've enjoyed a boost from being the first.

The Nightly Show ratings

Week 1 - David Walliams - 1.7 million
Week 2 - John Bishop - 1.7 million
Week 3 - Davina McCall - 1.3 million
Week 4 - Dermot O'Leary - 1.1 million
Week 5 - Gordon Ramsay - 1.2 million
Week 6 - Bradley Walsh - 1.6 million
Week 7 - Jason Manford - 1.2 million
Week 8 - Dermot O'Leary - 1.2 million

John Bishop took charge in week two and ratings remained stable with a rounded average of 1.7 million viewers matching David's opening five days in charge.

Davina McCall was the only woman to host the show and averaged 1.3 million viewers before Dermot O'Leary saw ratings fall to just 1.1 million, although his first week in charge did see one show dropped due to the Westminster terrorist attack.

Gordon Ramsay saw numbers continue to struggle with a 1.2 million average before Bradley Walsh gave the show signs of hope with an average audience of 1.6 million tuning in each night.

However that dipped again to 1.2 million for Jason Manford in the penultimate week of 'as live' episodes.

Dermot was back in the chair for this week's final run of shows but again the series was hit with unexpected news; the announcement of a snap General Election saw Tuesday's episode pushed back to 11PM.

Still, Dermot's second week did see a slight rise on his first despite Tuesday's numbers reaching an all-time-low of just 450,000 in the later slot.


Friday's episode had just under a million viewers, leaving the final week's average at 1.2 million.

As yet ITV have not confirmed a second series but rumour has it the show could return in an even later slot at 10:30PM.

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