Dermot O'Leary dedicates latest episode of The Nightly Show to London

Dermot O'Leary dedicated last night's episode of The Nightly Show to London after this week's terrorist attack.

At least four people were killed and a further 50 were injured in the terrorist attack in Westminster on Wednesday afternoon.

The Nightly Show was cancelled for the night but returned yesterday and Dermot opened the episode with a heart felt tribute.

He began: "Before we start the show, the terror attacks yesterday happened just one mile away from here, where we film The Nightly Show.

“Tonight we are dedicating our show to London."

The X Factor presenter went on: “To the people who live here, visit here, and work hard to keep us safe here.


“People say London isn’t Britain, but to be honest – I think it is."

Dermot continued: "Being a Londoner has nothing to do with whether your born here, nothing to do with the colour of your skin, or the faith you follow.

"It's about acceptance, tolerance, stoicism, and respect.

"It's about millions of people being able to live side by side, day by day, in an exciting, vibrant, and infuriating, beautiful city. And as awful as yesterday was, we know that we will endure."

Dermot concluded: "It is my - and it is just my - humble opinion it will make us stronger.

"We will go on living, working, playing, moaning, and queuing together. So from us here at The Nightly Show tonight - here's to London and here's to home."

The Nightly Show airs week nights at 10PM on ITV with Dermot's last show this evening.

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