X Factor's Emily Middlemas teases new music after record deal rumours

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Emily Middlemas has teased fans with some original music following rumours of a record deal.

Having just wrapped up The X Factor tour, Emily took to Twitter to reveal she was back writing her own songs.


"just wrote a song and omg I am so excited to get in the studio with this, ahhhhhhhhh" Emily posted this week.

The X Factor finalist hasn't been officially signed yet but previously said Simon Cowell had told her an offer is there to work with him.

So far from last year's crop, all of Matt Terry, Saara Aalto, 5 After Midnight and Honey G have picked up major record deals.

Speaking about signing her own contract, Emily revealed last month: "During the show Simon said to me, ‘you come to me when you feel ready’. After the tour I’m going to record some tracks for a possible album then call him and say, ‘I’m ready let’s work together’."

She explained to the Daily Record newspaper: “He likes people to be determined and prepared. I want Simon backing me up. He said, ‘If you need any help after the show call me up. You’ve got my number and I’ll be there for you’. I’ve not been in touch with him yet but after the tour I’ll give him a call and tell him what my plans are.

“I don’t think people realise what a caring man he is.”


Although Emily is hoping Simon will take her music on, she revealed that offers from other companies have been flooding in too.

“Simon is my main focus. Hopefully I’ll release a single at the end of the year. Even if Simon says no to signing me, I have a lot of options," she teased. "And if no one is interested, I’d release it myself. I feel ready.”

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