John Bishop says ITV's The Nightly Show hasn't been "executed" very well

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ITV's The Nightly Show is continuing to face criticism - this time from one of its own hosts, John Bishop.

The broadcaster's bold move in to late-night entertainment is struggling to win over viewers.


And now John's offered his take on The Nightly Show's woes, claiming it has been let down by its execution.

Speaking on BBC One's The One Show earlier this week, John backed ITV's controversial decision to move the News at Ten, which has been the source of much of the public's anger.

"I think that’s a positive thing," the comedian said. "It seems daft to me that the biggest terrestrial channels have the news on at exactly the same time.

"It’s the same news, give people another option. I think perhaps if they’d done it at half ten the reaction would have been different."

However, he added: "I definitely think there’s a place in British telly for a show of that nature, but perhaps it’s not been executed as well as it could have been."

John also commented on his own experience on the show, noting it was awkward coming in as a guest host.


"I enjoyed it, and I’d stack it up against a lot of entertainment shows," he said.

"But what’s difficult is when you come in to something for a week and that’s not your production, so you’re trying to change things on the hoof."

So far, David Walliams, Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary have also appeared as presenters.

But it seems the revolving door format isn't doing much to boost interest in the show, with one episode earlier this week rating below the million-viewer mark.


The Nightly Show is halfway through its eight-week trial run, with chef Gordon Ramsay taking the reins next week.

Last night's episode was cancelled due to extended coverage of the London terror attacks.

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