Let It Shine's Hercules Smith has auditioned for The X Factor

Hercules Smith has auditioned for The X Factor following a knock back on Let It Shine.

33-year-old Hercules Smith from South Africa is a "better singer than Gary Barlow"... according his own daughter, at least.


Speaking on BBC One's Let It Shine back in January, he said: "As a young kid I was the tiniest and smallest boy in school with such a big name."

Hercules went on to perform a unique cover of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls for the judges and walked away with 16 stars, enough to see him through to the next round.

Gary Barlow declared: "You have an amazing talent there sir, the passion is absolutely beautiful."

Awarding a perfect 5 points, Gary added: "You're perfect for this business."

A touched Hercules broke down in tears and sobbed: "I've been chasing my dream for a long time so it's kind of nice to get the recognition."


Graham Norton comforted: "Well done, you did it Sir, you did a great job."

However Hercules didn't make the cut for the live shows.

Now he's turning his attention to The X Factor in hopes of better success.

Hercules told Kent Live at The X Factor auditions this week: “I was fortunate enough to get as far as I did but I didn’t really suit what they were looking for. I’m more of an operatic classical singer, and I suppose my age played a part in that too. But they gave me a chance and I sung my heart out.


“I think Let It Shine was my stepping stone but I don’t think it was the right competition for me. Looking at the X Factor, Sara Aalto she has a great, and similar voice, and I also think I can sing a lot of genres. I hope it’s better for me.”

The new series of The X Factor will air on ITV later this year.

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