Benidorm series 10 start date: New series is on its way to ITV

Benidorm air date for Series 10


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Benidorm has been confirmed for a tenth series which starts this month (February) on ITV.

The start date for Benidorm Series 10 has been confirmed for Wednesday, 28 February 2018 from 9PM with the first of nine episodes.

Meanwhile, a one-off hour special will air this evening (February 20) on ITV.

The show’s creator and writer Derren Litten will guide viewers around Benidorm to reveal all about how the show was created whilst visiting the show’s many real life locations. Cast (past and present) will talk about their roles on the show alongside show bloopers and exclusive behind the scenes footage of the upcoming 10th series being filmed.

All the Garvey family return for the one off special – Steve Pemberton, Siobhan Finneran, Sheila Reid, Ollie Stokes and Hannah Hobley talk about their time on the show.

Benidorm: Ten Years on Holiday airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.

ITV has confirmed its award winning comedy would be back following the end of Series 9 last year.

The popular comedy went into production on location in Benidorm last May.

Series 10 will see legendary comedy duo Hale & Pace join the series as undercover detectives investigating Tim Healy’s character Les/Lesley, who returns to the series full time.

Shane Richie is back for four episodes reprising his role as lively entertainer Sammy Valentino and John Challis becomes a series regular with his character Monty Staines.

Troy (Paul Bazely), The Oracle (Johnny Vegas) and Tiger (Danny Walters) won’t be returning for series 10. The Dawsons (Julie Graham, Steve Edge, Kate Fitzgerald, Bobby Knutt and Josh Bolt) all return with Billy and Sheron celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.

Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson), Mateo (Jake Canuso), Noreen (Elsie Kelly), Pauline (Selina Griffiths), Liam (Adam Gillen), Kenneth (Tony Maudsley), Sam (Shelley Longworth), Joey (Nathan Bryon) and Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) all return.

The show’s creator Derren Litten will pen episodes 1-3 and 8-9 of the new series and Mark Brotherhood (Shameless, Mount Pleasant) will write 4-7. David Sant will direct episodes 1-5, Duncan Foster will direct 6-7 and Derren Litten will direct 8-9.

Show creator, writer and exec producer Derren Litten said: "When I wrote the first script of Benidorm I had no idea it would change my life so dramatically over the next 10 years. As I put the finishing touches to the 74th episode I am so grateful to our fans and to ITV for giving Benidorm the best possible home we could hope for. Here's to the next 10 years!”

Saskia Schuster, ITV’s Comedy Commissioner added: “Benidorm is very much part of the ITV family with viewers taking these wonderful characters to their hearts. Show creator, writer and exec producer Derren Litten has some great plans for the tenth series and it’s a real treat to welcome Hale & Pace and Shane Richie to the Solana resort.”

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