E4's Gap Year continues tonight! Preview this evening's episode

New E4 comedy drama Gap Year continues tonight at 9PM and here's a first look.

The new series from Tom Basden, which launched last week, is about British lads Dylan (Anders Hayward) and Sean (Ade Oyefeso), childhood friends who initially set out to backpack through China, but end up taking on the whole continent.

The drama takes in ancient rainforests, full-moon beach parties, futuristic Asian mega-cities and remote monasteries in the foothills of the Himalayas.


In tonight's show, May (Alice Lee) has to go to a cousin's wedding in Hangzhou, and Ashley (Brittney Wilson) insists that Greg (Tim Key) and Dylan tag along.

The family reunion is not what any of them imagined, as Ashley becomes the unlikely centre of attention. Greg explores a niche business opportunity in Shanghai with Dylan's help.

Sean tries to join up with the others by hitching a lift with a pair of creepy newlyweds who think he might be just the thing they need to spice things up.

Gap Year airs tonight at 9PM on E4.

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