David Walliams 'paid £50,000 an episode' of The Nightly Show

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David Walliams is reportedly getting paid £250,000 for his one-week stint on ITV's new The Nightly Show.

The new series is set to air every week night at 10PM on ITV, with a different host each week. David started the show on Monday night and will be back this evening and for the rest of this week's episodes


David's rumoured £250k fee, reported by The Sun newspaper, means the Britain's Got Talent comic is getting £50,000 an episode which works out at £34 per second that the show is on air.

A spokesperson for ITV said of the report: "We never comment on speculation around individual artist’s contracts.”

Ratings for the risky new week night chat show have so far been a bit all over the place.

A strong average audience of 2.9 million had tuned in for the first opening half-hour on Monday night, however numbers dropped by more than half to 1.3 million for episode two.

But numbers were back up yesterday with 2 million watching Wednesday's show.

Sources have said ITV were keen to give the series a chance to settle before deciding on its future.

One insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Judging it two shows into an eight week run is a little harsh and we are excited about lots of the other hosts coming up – it will be a very different show next week with John Bishop .

"John is even coming onto Friday’s show for a handover along with The Voice hosts.


“We are also working on getting some big name guests, we knew the audience was always going to fluctuate on a new show like this.”

The Nightly Show continues week nights at 10PM on ITV.

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