Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule concludes tonight with final episode

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Harry Hill is back on TV tonight with his brand new show Alien Fun Capsule.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule is a panel show that sees former TV burp host Harry Hill presiding over two teams tasked with saving planet earth from alien invasion!


Speaking about the show, Harry confessed this week it was originally meant to be called 'Is This Funny?'

He explained the new title: "I went for the most silly and far fetched thing I could think of.

"And in the end, we only use the alien capsule three or four times in the series."

Each team must find clips, people, basically anything that is fun or funny enough for Harry to place in a capsule which, in the event that we're invaded by aliens, we can present to them to demonstrate earthlings are good fun and therefore worthy of saving.

Over a series of rounds, the two teams of two present Harry with fun stuff which Harry must adjudicate on and ultimately decide what's in and what's out of the Fun Capsule with the triumphant team winning bragging rights.

Along the way there will be sketches, studio items and special guests. And the occasional appearance of an alien.

In tonight's seventh and final episode of the series, Harry Hill shares some of the funniest moments that didn’t make it into the previous episodes of the series.

Expect previously unseen highlights from Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett and Josh Widdicombe as well as others.


Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule airs tonight at 8:30PM on ITV.

The first series will run for six episodes.

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