X Factor's Louisa Johnson dismisses criticism of 'raunchy outfits' and talks boob job

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X Factor winner Louisa Johnson has brushed off criticism over her 'raunchy' outfits.

The 2015 winner has been accused of 'singing in her underwear' over her live performances..


But Louisa - who's still yet to release her debut album - hit back: “I go swimming in a bikini, so why can’t I wear something that looks similar to a bra on stage?"

She added: "It’s not harming anyone, and it’s hot up there."

In a chat with Fabulous magazine, Louisa also opened up about plans to get a boob job before changing her mind.

“I used to get really down about my boobs but now I’d rather not have big boobs,” she explained. “It’s not that I think big boobs are horrible, it’s just that I have learned to like what I have. I look at models and I’m like, ‘They have small boobs and they can pull this off, so maybe I can too.’”

The 20-year-old candidly confessed she had been saving for plastic surgery before ditching the idea last year.


“I thought, ‘I’m going to start saving now, and maybe if I get one by the summer I can look nice in all my holiday pictures,’” she told the publication. “I thought, ‘What am I doing? F**k this, I’m just going to embrace it, because why not?'

"[Breast implants] look really fake anyway, and don’t move. I like boobs that move!”

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