Who Do You Think You Are? Sunetra Sarker finds shock connection to Gandhi

Sunetra Sarker uncovers a surprise connection to Gandhi in tonight's Who Do You Think You Are?

In this evening's episode, Actor Sunetra Sarker sets out to explore the Bengali heritage she ignored when she was growing up in Liverpool.


Starting in Kolkata, Sunetra learns of her great grandfather’s courageous activism in colonial Bengal - and of a family connection to Gandhi during the struggle for Indian independence.

Crossing into Bangladesh, Sunetra visits her great grandmother’s ancestral home village and discovers the harrowing story of how her family was caught up Bangladesh’s 1971 war for independence.

Meanwhile, in this preview clip from the show, Sunetra finds outs that her great aunt met Gandhi and wrote letters to him.

Who Do You Think You Are? airs tonight at 8PM on BBC One.