X Factor's Honey G blames her flop single on a lack of promotion

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Honey G reckons her debut single was a flop because of a lack of promotion.

The X Factor finalist charted at an embarrassing number 149 with her track The Honey G show, released just after the final of last year's series.


While Honey G said she loved the track, the recruitment manager turned urban artist feels that label bosses didn't do enough to promote the song.

Honey G explained: "I was really happy with the single but I don't think enough effort was put into promoting it because it was at Christmas and a lot of people went home for Christmas and stuff.

"I want to keep going with Syco and release more singles but we just have to wait and see. I want to box up an album deal as well.

"I'm not sure where that's going to take me this year but the single, the day it was released, it actually want to number seven on iTunes and it was trending number one on Vevo but then unfortunately as soon as Christmas kicked in, it dropped out of the charts completely. It was a bit of a shame. I thought some more effort could have gone into promoting it."

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Honey G confessed she was just happy people were talking about her music.


She said: "Simon Cowell said 'you win when people are talking about you' and there were some weeks where they said I had broken the internet or I was trending on Twitter. To know that people are talking about me is amazing. Obviously I'm only really interested in the people saying positive things about me."

Next week will see Honey G start the X Factor live tour alongside winner Matt Terry, Saara Aalto, 5 After Midnight, Emily Middlemas, Ryan Lawrie, Samantha Lavery and Four Of Diamonds.

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