5 After Midnight reveal how they rowed with Honey G on The X Factor

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X Factor's 5 After Midnight have revealed how they clashed with Honey G on The X Factor.

The trio confessed to getting into an argument during last year's live shows over washing, of all things.


5 After Midnight's Nathan recalled to Capital FM: "It was the week where all the contestants go from doing one song to two songs a week - it's stressful and everyone's got loads of stuff to do."

He continued: "It’s like 1.30am and I’m down to my last pair of socks and boxers, so I need to do some laundry. I fill up both machines, black in one and white in the other and I’m waiting outside the room for it to beep so I can take it out. So Honey G goes into the room and I followed her in there and was like 'Oh are you doing any laundry?'"

"She was pulling all her clothes out of the washing machine, so I was like 'wait a second where's mine?' and I look over on the floor and my whole white wash has literally been chucked on the floor!"

Nathan admitted he was "livid" as band mate Kieran revealed: "Let’s just say, I heard it from upstairs, so you can imagine what was going on!", whilst Jordan Lee claimed, "All I heard was a disturbance cos the kitchen literally has no door, so I’m having to pause my movie just to hear this."

Nathan went on to say how the X Factor's security team stepped in before things calmed down.

Jordan added: "It’s weird how the fire came so quick but the storm just kinda withered away".


Fortunately things are now all "cool" as they prepare to head out on tour with Honey G for the X Factor's live arena shows.

"Yeah we’re cool now. We’ve seen each other since then obviously, but at the time I saw red…not good," Nathan said.

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