Sing If You Can host Stacey Solomon loves presenting the hilarious show!

Stacey Solomon (Sing If You Can)

Vernon Kay may have walked out of Sing If You Can because it was 'too daft', but his former co-host Stacey Solomon reckons the new ITV1 show is hilarious! The X Factor singer also spoke of her own distractions whilst performing, including having kickers thrown at her!

Chatting to The Sun's Buzz magazine about the programme, which starts at 7:20PM tonight on ITV1, Stacey said: “It’s just a light-hearted, fun show, not life or death. It’s hilarious and it is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.”


The show mixes the jungle trials of I’m a Celebrity with the pressure of performing live on stage, something Stacey should be able to handle, although she admits it only takes the sight of some undies to put her off her singing: “I was performing on stage in Southend-on-Sea recently and these knickers suddenly brushed past my face.

“That was such a distraction, and I started giggling. They were a very nice pair of knickers, but I didn’t keep them afterwards.”

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