Shayne Ward gets flirty with Kelly Brook on Through the Keyhole Christmas special


Shayne Ward gets a bit flirty with Kelly Brook on tonight's Through the Keyhole Christmas special.

The Through the Keyhole Christmas special airs tonight, Christmas Eve, Saturday at 10.30pm on ITV.

We can join a festive Keith Lemon as he goes 'Through the Christmas Keyhole' of three celebrity homes, sniffing out seasonal clues to help the star-studded studio panel guess “who habitates in a house like this?”

Getting in the Christmas spirit with Keith are Soap star and pop star Shayne Ward, model Kelly Brook and comedian Johnny Vegas.

And a lot of the episode is all about just how "fit" Kelly is.

The model tells Keith: "The thing is it’s always weird when you do photoshoots and you never imagine that people are actually going to put posters and calendars up on their wall but they do. It’s weird

"Well it’s just a job to me, I just…"

Keith says to Kelly: "Do you wake up and think I AM FIT?"

Kelly reacts: "No I just you know I’ve got a good team. They give me nice clothes. I have hair and makeup. You’ve seen what I look like in the morning!"

Keith later asks X Factor's Shayne: "So Shayne you’ve said in the past haven’t you that you’re a big fan of Kelly Brook"

The singer then gets himself into a bit of innuendo with an admission about his teenage years...

"No I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean it like that," he reacts.

Keith quips: "You look smooth but you’re as smooth as s***"

Shayne explains: "Let me redeem myself when I was 16 I had two big posters of you on my wall..."

Keith remarks: "He redeemed himself every night!"

Through the Keyhole Christmas Special, Saturday, 10.30pm, ITV.

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