Channel 4 and Sky in a battle to air the next series of Glee later this year!


It looks as though Channel 4 will have a tough time keeping Glee on E4, as Sky are now looking for a bit of the musical action for Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD. According to Broadcast, Channel 4 and Sky are set to enter a bidding war in order to win the rights to the third season.

Season 2 is current taking part in a scheduled hiatus in the US, with just two episodes left to air. Meanwhile here the UK there 4 four episodes left to go after Channel 4 decided to start airing the series some 3 months after the US premiere. Despite the gap however, the show has been one the most successful programmes for E4, regularly bringing in audiences over a million.


Season 3, which will start in the US this September is now said to be wanted by Sky for their channels. If a deal goes through it could see the show being broadcast here just days after its original US outing.

A source said: “Sky has a war chest of cash that can outbid most players in the market. It paid north of £350,000 for NCIS: Los Angeles a few years ago so it’s not difficult to imagine it going higher for a proven hit like Glee......"

It is understood that currently Channel 4 pays around £100,000 an episode to air the series, but Sky's aggressive negotiation tactics could see this rise to around £500,000.

Glee continues on Channel 4 on Monday at 9PM.

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