Outnumbered is back! Watch trailer for Christmas special and prepare to feel old


Outnumbered is BACK for a one-off Christmas special this year and here's a first look.

It's been almost three years since the final regular episode of the show aired on BBC One but it'll return on Boxing Day for a one-off 40 minute special.

The BBC say of the episode: "It's Boxing Day and the Brockman family have to carry out a special mission for Grandad. They encounter car problems, child problems, parent problems, emotional problems and World War Two.

"If the adults can't sort things out the children will have to. Like all families, everything has changed and everything remains the same."

The original cast - Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez - all return to reprise their roles in the off.

Comic Hugh said: "I can't wait to re-join our TV nucleus, and what better place to experience the full joy of family life than stuck in the family car."

Claire added: "I am so happy to be back dipping into the Brockmans’ lives again - it is like putting on a big comfy jumper."

Outnumbered originator Andy Hamilton previously told The Telegraph that the special will see just what the kids are up to now, three years on since our last visit.

"The first reaction will probably be 'My God, the kids are huge now!'," he said. "The second reaction will be the one the writers have been getting since the series started in 2007: 'I reckon you must have cameras in our house'."

While the BBC has not confirmed any plans for further episodes, Andy teased that the festive one-off could pave the way more specials.

"Our plan is to pop in every couple of years and see how the family is getting on," he explained. "You learn not to think too far ahead, but who knows? Many years down the line there’ll be an episode where Karen becomes a grandmother.”

Outnumbered kids now

Earlier this year the Outnumbered 'kids' reunited for a photo which made everyone instantly feel old.

Tyger, Daniel and Ramona all appeared on the snap which came six years after their debuts in Outnumbered back in 2010.

Outnumbered's Christmas special will air on Boxing Day, December 26, at 10PM.

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