Stacey Solomon and Keith Lemon chat about their new ITV1 show 'Sing If You Can'

Stacey Solomon (Sing If You Can)

Saturday not only sees the return of reality megahit Britain's Got Talent, but also the launch of a new ITV1 primetime show, Sing If You Can. Presented by Celebrity Juice star Keith Lemon and X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon, the show challenges celebs to sing whilst being distracted by Keith and his team!

Despite the show's premise being mocked by critics, and the celebrity line up being far from stellar, Stacey Solomon is excited for her primetime presenting debut. "It’s so funny and silly," she says about the show. However despite performing live in front of nearly 20 million viewers on The X Factor, the singer admitted moving into presenting hasn't been easy.

“It is harder than it looks. I have had about 100 people helping me and telling me how to say things – it’s really technical," the single-mum explains. “Wearing an earpiece is funny because you can hear everyone else’s conversations.”


On the other hand Keith Lemon, the alter ego of comic Leigh Francis had no so qualms - adding that there was one moment he was looking forward to seeing when the show hits telly screens. "Chesney Hawkes sings Fire by Kasabian in a fake volcano, with real fire shooting out," Keith said, “He looked as if he’d been barbecued down a coal mine.”

Sing If You Can premieres on ITV1 this Saturday at 7:20PM.

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