Planet Earth III is in the works - but you may have to wait a while

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A third series of Planet Earth is in the works but it won't be on TV for a while yet.

The first ever series aired back in 2006 and the second run started last month a decade later.

Planet Earth II concluded on Sunday night with an average of 10 million viewers watching each weekend.

The jaw-dropping nature documentary is set for a third run, but don't expect to be tuning in to it next year.

2026 looks to be a better bet, with hopes that Sir David Attenborough will return to narrate the show.

It would mean Sir David hosting the show as he turns 100, with show producer Mike Gunston saying the legendary naturalist is "irreplaceable".

"It's pointless trying [to replace him]. We love working with Sir David and I think he loves working with us, and we want that to last as long as possible," he told The Independent. "When he decides he doesn't want to do anymore, we will have to rethink how we make these programmes."

While a third series of Planet Earth may be way off, it'll be worth it with the TV exec saying working on the show needed far more research than a glance at Wikipedia.

"Part of it is the sheer logistical necessity of getting people from A to B. If you are going to spend a month or six weeks filming in Siberia, and then you have to get to Namibia, it physically takes you a long time," he explained. "Also, it takes an enormous amount of time to research it.

"You can't just go and look on Wikipedia. Often the stuff we film has not been published, it's stuff we hear about through word of mouth. So it's a huge amount of resources, but it's the only way it can be done."

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