No work on British telly, claims Secret Diary and Doctor Who star Billie Piper

Billie Piper

Star of shows including Doctor Who and The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Billie Piper has said she is finding it hard to get work on British telly, suggesting America is currently where all the jobs are. The former popstar, who moved into acting back in 2005, said she was even considering relocating herself due to the lack of British roles.

Billie told The Sun today: "I’m just trying to find a job. We're back to the drawing board. It's frustrating, it's tiring. It's desperate. You slightly lose your mind. You have no confidence, then you have too much confidence. It's an endless frustration.

"Things are getting made a lot faster for less money and there are a lot fewer opportunities for actors. There's not a lot of work in the UK - that's why everyone's moving to America. It's where the work seems to be. But it definitely feels like a lot more of a slog to get a gig these days.

The sexy actress even said she felt the financial climate was even impacting the subject matter of a lot of new programmes. "The subjects people are talking about, the stories they are wanting to tell - they have really changed too," she told the tabloid. "There is a pool of work that is really, really thought-provoking and real.

"Then the extreme side is the enormous budgeted studio productions which are basically all made using a background green screen."

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