TellyMix's top telly picks of the day: Friday, April 8

Have I Got News For You

With a range of programmes during tonight's primetime, here TellyMix gives you our top telly picks of the day from the major broadcasters. From soaps and documentaries to scripted comedies it's all covered in our highlights...

Coronation Street

7:30PM & 8:30PM, ITV1

Norris demands an explanation from Tina, who fears he will tell the registrar about the sham ceremony, while Gail waits to see if her scheme has paid off. Jim reluctantly asks Kevin to invest in the pub, and Fiz is distraught about accusing Chesney of theft. Marc continues to date Claudia, and Frank catches Maria in an awkward situation

Have I Got News For You

9PM, BBC One

Brilliant new series! The satirical current affairs quiz returns with guest host comedian Jack Dee. Regular team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by panellists Caroline Wyatt and Jon Richardson.

Friday Night Dinner

10PM, Channel 4

The hit Channel 4 comedy concludes. Adam is shocked to find his mother has set him up on a date by inviting Tanya Green to dinner, and his father has dressed in a suit for the occasion. Meanwhile, Jim is locked out of his house when his dog swallows his keys. Comedy, starring Simon Bird. Last in the series