JLS star Aston Merrygold wants to go on Take Me Out!

Aston JLSSingle JLS singer Aston Merrygold has revealed he would appear on popular ITV show Take Me Out in order to find a date, despite his mum's reservations that he may be rejected by the girls.

The 23 year old singer has had numerous admirers since his band JLS finished second on the X Factor 2008, however hasn't been in a relationship since splitting with Natalia Rush in 2009. Despite being the fan favourite, with his editions of their condom range and debut album outselling the other JLS members, Aston hasn't rushed into a relationship, leaving him wondering whether a TV dating show could be the route to romance.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Aston revealed: "I suppose I’m going to have to go on Take Me Out to find someone. I think I’d be a bit self-conscious going on the show, but I’d definitely try it. I’ve got nothing to lose."

However, his enthusiasm for the dating show was not shared by his mother, who he revealed expressed some concerns.

"She said she wouldn’t want me on the show as she’s scared I’d get all my lights turned off. It would be embarrassing."

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