ITV, Simon Cowell and Ant & Dec team up for huge new game show 'Red And Black'

Simon Cowell

ITV, Simon Cowell and Ant & Dec will all be joining forces in a huge new game show called Red And Black, according to reports. Simon Cowell's Syco telly production company are said to be 'days away' from signing off on a deal which will see the ambitious game show - fronted by Ant & Dec - air over a week this September.

We've discussed Simon Cowell's plans for an inventive new game show a couple of times already before here on TellyMix, with Cowell recently teasing he'd be announcing the full details very soon.


According to Broadcast Now, the show will see thousands of players in a huge venue - possibly the Wembley Arena - have a chance of winning up to £1 million, all based on the spin of a roulette wheel. The show will be tense but fast paced, with thousands of contestants being whittled down to just one over the week by playing bets on events which have two outcomes - represented by the colours Red and Black. Pick the right outcome and they continue on, pick the wrong one and it’s game over.

At the end of the week it'll be all or nothing as the final contestants makes one last bet on one final event. Pick the right outcome and they'll walk away £1 million richer, get it wrong however and they'll get nothing!

An industry insider teased today: "This will be big, noisy and expensive!"