TellyMix's top telly picks of the day: Thursday, April 7

American Idol

With a range of programmes during tonight's primetime, here TellyMix gives you our top telly picks of the day from the major broadcasters. From soaps and documentaries to scripted comedies it's all covered in our highlights...

David Attenborough's First Life

7PM, BBC Two

In the conclusion of this two-part documentary, the naturalist travels to Burgess Shale in Canada's Rocky Mountains, where he explores how evolution gained pace once creatures developed mouths and mobility. In Scotland, he reveals that one of the smallest fossils found holds the secret to how animals began surviving on dry land, and explains the bloom of life during the oxygen-rich Carboniferous period

American Idol


Ryan Seacrest presents as the American Idol live shows continue and the pressure heats up! The nine remaining contestants perform again, hoping to impress both the audience at home as well as judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Dad's Having a Baby: A Bodyshock Special

9PM, Channel 4

Documentary following married American couple Tom and Scott Moore, who were both born women but now live as gay men with their adopted sons Greg and Logan. The programme charts events as Scott, who still has working female organs, becomes pregnant with their son Miles, and a relocation to New Mexico presents more challenges as they deal with the conservative views of their neighbours