Jimmy Carr wants Katie Price and David Beckham for 'Comedy Roast'

Jimmy Carr

Channel 4 comedian has revealed he'd love to have Katie Price and David Beckham on his comedy roast show, although admitted it was unlikely to happen! Speaking to The Sun today, the stand-up comic reckoned that Katie Price's reputation could improve if she were to appear on the programme.

The series, which sees the star get roasted by various colleagues, comedians and celebrities, has already had the likes of Bruce Forsyth, Barbara Windsor and Davina McCall on the show.

Speaking about his ideal celebs for the programme, due to return to Channel 4 soon, Jimmy named reality star Katie Price saying: "She has a great sense of humour and is very good at taking the p*** out of herself. That never really comes across on the reality shows she does."

But top spot on his wish list went to footballer David Beckham, however the comic admitted: "I can't quite see that one happening."