Keith Lemon's Sing If You Can debut gets off to disastrous start

Sing If You Can

Keith Lemon's debut as Sing If You Can presenter got off to a disastrous start last night when recording had to be halted after the climatic ending game broke down! Lemon, who has taken over the show from Vernon Kay, was taking part in his frist recording of the new ITV1 primetime series alongside Stacey Solomon in London yesterday evening.

The show sees celebrities tasked with singing popular chart songs - such as The Wanted's All Time Low - whilst being distracted by hosts Keith and Stacey. In each episode six celebrities compete against each other in order to be crowned the winners, the winning team will then go onto the final game called "The Turntable."

In the final game all three team members must stay singing on a spinning record for as long as they can, the longer they stay on the more money they earn - and it's all for charity with the money being donated to Teenage Cancer Trust.


During last night's recording however the spinning disc broke down and left the winning team unable to compete the challenge. A source told TellyMix: "It was a disastrous evening, the team worked hard to get the machine working again but it just wasn't moving. In the end a lot of the studio audience got fed up of waiting and left."

As the recording of the 1 hour show approached nearly 8 hours, the stunt was aborted and what was left of the audience left. This wasn’t the only problem on the night however, with a fire alarm caused by the smoke from another stunt also giving the production crew headaches.