Episode Preview: Sky 1’s new dog show 'A Different Breed' starting 8PM, April 6

A Different Breed

Sky 1 launches its latest performance documentary series next Wednesday, following the lives of dogs and their owners. From the makers of Pineapple Dance Studios, 'A Different Breed' follows a select group of doggie lovers, chosen - one would suspect - for their rather eccentric personalities...

In the first episode, which airs on Sky 1 HD from 8PM on Wednesday April 8, we visit a "darkened corner" of North London where viewers are introduced to Stella McCartney, Oliver Twist and Vinnie Jones - not the celebs themselves, rather the dogs of owners Waldyr & Simeon.

It isn't just their names that make these dogs unique though, as Waldyr explains: "Vinnie Jones has got special qualities, he is, we believe... he's a clairvoyant. He senses things."

And what better way to see if your pet dog really has psychic abilities than to go on a ghost hunt? In another dark part of London we meet 'King Of The Witches' John Pope-de-Locksley, who reveals to a taken aback Waldyr & Simeon: "I can talk to animals."

"What's Vinnie thinking?" the pair enquire.

"The first time Vinnie said he saw a lady's ghost up there, and the second time he said he saw something walk past [the road]," John vaguely responds in the scene.

Just like in Pineapple Dance Studios though, this show is made by the narration. With the seriousness and dry humour of Radio 4's Sue MacGregor together with the surprising narrative of the dogs themselves (Yes, they talk!) this series is a must to try out next Wednesday on Sky 1 HD.

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