Simon Cowell teases "new, big, big concept game show" launching in September

Simon Cowell

Music mogul and X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has teased him and his team are working on a new "big, big concept game show" due to launch in the UK later this year in September. Cowell wouldn't give many details about the show, but we here at TellyMix reckon it could well be linked to reports last month about Cowell's plan to launch an arena-based game show.

We reported in February how Cowell was said to be planning on launching a brand new game show - codenamed Roulette - which would see 17,000 people take part at once. A source said: “It is a big gamble for Simon as it could be telly’s biggest ever turkey if it goes wrong. This will be one of the most ambitious TV shows ever staged.

"Details are under wraps for now but the idea is that people will pay a small price – say £1 – to get a ticket which will give them a chance of taking part.”

Talking about the new show, Cowell told Just Jared: "We’re about to announce [the show] and I’m almost certain it will come to America very shortly. But that’s what I love doing. Developing and producing the shows [is what I] enjoy more than anything else."

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