Graham Norton's show under threat as BBC cuts programme after 10:30PM


Graham Norton's late night BBC One chat show is under threat as the BBC tries to cut costs by cutting new programming after 10:30PM. Cuts at the broadcaster mean that BBC boss Mark Thompson is looking at reducing the £150-million-a-year currently spent on programmes in the late night and early hours of the day.

According to The Sun, Thompson said: "Is there a way of filling this part of the schedule for less money?"

Shows such as Newsnight and Match Of The Day will be screened earlier in the evening, while some shows will be axed altogether, replace with cheaper repeats and imports.

I'm concerned the effect this will have on programme's such as Graham Norton's and Mrs. Brown's Boys, whose more adult related content requires a later timeslot. Could we see these shows having to be censored in the future in order to be broadcast earlier in the evening?

More repeats also sounds like a depressing idea for the BBC, with BBC Three already repeating its content from midnight onwards daily I wonder if it's worth keeping the channels broadcasting at all overnight!

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