New Top Gear's viewing figures drop to lowest in a decade

Top Gear 2016 ratings

top gear 2016 start date

The opening episode of the 'New Top Gear' seemingly failed to attract viewers last night

The revamped show, fronted by Matt Leblanc and Chris Evans, has been a major TV story for the best part of a year now.

With all that press attention, one might have expected the first episode of the series to see bumper ratings as people tuned in to give the show a go, or even just so they could moan about it on Twitter.

However an average audience of 4.3 million watched from 8PM on BBC Two, the lowest start to a new series of Top Gear in at least a decade.

That figure is down on 2014's opening episode of the last series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and 1 million viewers less than the trio's final episode on the BBC together in June of last year.

Top Gear was beaten by Countryfile over on BBC One, which had 4.4 million viewers.

Meanwhile, over on ITV, the Soap Awards were watched by an average audience of 3.9 million.

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