Stephen Mulhern to host new ITV talent show Go For It


Move over Ant and Dec, Stephen Mulhern now has his very own talent show and it's on ITV.

Yes, the main channel!

Airing this autumn, Go For It comes from the makers of Ninja Warrior and The Chase and will be fronted by current Britain's Got More Talent host Stephen.

ITV say that Go For It "aims to discover the weirdest and most unique skills that our nation has to offer and then put them to the test".

Don't expect any singers and dancers on this show, with acts set to include skills such as guessing people’s weight just by lifting them, naming 20 breeds of goat just by milking them and recognising 30 types of wood whilst blindfolded simply by smell alone.

Each show will put these unbelievable and quirky skills to the test, will they make the nation gasp, laugh or just shock them into silence?!

Each of the challengers will get the chance to show off to the nation and get £10,00 in cash if they successfully complete their unusual skill on air.

Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor for Entertainment said "This is a show in which we could discover people’s most unbelievable talents.

"OAP’s cracking walnuts with their eyelids to teenagers identifying brands of toilet paper by taste alone. Until now there hasn't been a televisual forum to display these skills. With Go For It, there is now - I can't wait."

Michael Kelpie, Managing Director of production company Potato added: “Go For It is exactly the type of entertainment show I loved watching as a kid. I am so excited about this series. - excited to be making it and I can’t wait to get comfy on the sofa at home with my family and watch the amazing skills and weird talents that people have from all across the UK.”

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