Up Late With Rylan back tonight with Emilia Fox, Jess Wright and Sinitta

Up Late With Rylan

Rylan Clark-Neal is back on Channel 5 tonight with Up Late With Rylan.

After a few hiccups in last Monday's launch, Rylan's chat show found its feet over the next few days.

Following a break over the weekend, the series continues tonight at 11PM.

Tonight’s guests include Emilia Fox, Jess Wright and Nev and Hayley from Call Centre. Sinitta is this week’s resident barmaid.

Coming up on this evening’s show, Rylan will first be joined in the studio by Emilia Fox and Jess Wright

New and Hayley from Call Centre will also make an appearance

Sinitta will make regular appearances all this week as the resident barmaid

Once again, the episodes will be recorded each evening ‘as live’ from the heart of London at The Hospital Club.

Up Late With Rylan, Channel 5, Mondays-Thursdays at 11PM

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