Kitten's Got Talent is coming to Channel 5

kittens got talent channel 5

Kitten's Got Talent is coming to Channel 5 later this month and frankly it looks adorable.

The show has been purrfectly scheduled for next Friday night (May 27) when the Britain's Got Talent live shows take a day off for the football.

So if you're not a sports fan, it may just be the show for you.

We certainly reckon Simon Cowell would be a fan, but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any singing cats lined up.

However there IS a cat who can surf, apparently.

The paw-some show will feature clips of various cats performing amazing physical feats, demonstrating lightning reactions, showing off sporting and athletic skills and proving to be super intelligent or brave.

There will also be interviews with owners recounting the stories behind some of the videos, plus some expert cat analysis from a team of behaviourists, vets and experts.

Contributors include showbiz cat trainer Julie Tottman, who has worked on a number of the UK's biggest movie franchises.

Kitten's Got Talent, Friday 27th May 8PM, Channel 5.

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