Emma Willis' What Would Be Your Miracle? follows emotional life changing journeys

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Emma Willis' new show What Would Be Your Miracle? premieres on ITV tonight at 9PM.

The three part series will see Emma follow inspirational and emotional stories of people whose lives are transformed by the power of modern medicine, people who are all hoping for miracles.

In each episode, Emma will meet two people having incredible operations in the hope of changing their lives and those of their families forever. Over two years, Emma charts the progress of these ordinary families going through extraordinary times.

In episode one, Emma first meet nine-year-old Garin Morgan and his family. Garin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy aged two and was told he would never walk.

Garin, who dreams of playing football, tells Emma: “At playtime it is quite hard for me. Sometimes some of my friends play football. I feel quite upset because they’re all having fun and I’m just like on my own and nobody to play with.”

Following pioneering surgery, Garin's life could be about to change forever: As he prepares to step from his wheelchair and walk unaided for the very first time his family and specialist team urge him forward.

Also in episode one tonight is 55-year-old Andrea Dodds who was diagnosed as partially deaf as a child before further being diagnosed with Usher Syndrome and told she was also going blind.

Currently there is no cure for Andrea’s eyesight, but she is about to be thrown a lifeline and undergo an operation to be fitted with a cochlear implant, in the hope that it will allow her to hear.

Andrea says: “I could be in total silence and it’s terrifying to think that everything’s going to be cut off from you. If suddenly you can’t see or hear anything, it scares me to death…I don’t want to be like this, I hate it. That’s why I’ve got to take this chance, it’s got to work.”

What Would Be Your Miracle?, ITV, 9PM

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