Harry Hill's Tea-Time is coming to Sky1 - TV Burp meets Bake Off?

harry hill tvburp

Harry Hill is BACK on our TVs this year with a new show on Sky 1.

And by the sounds of it, it's half and half Bake Off and TV Burp.

The comic has signed a bumper deal with the channel for two series of Harry Hill's Tea Time to air later this year and in 2017.

The show is said to be a mix of comedy and cookery, all on the telly. Oh, and there will be celebrity guests.

Celia Taylor, Head of Non-Scripted Commissioning at Sky, said: “On what other show could you learn how to make ‘chicken à la Tom Jones’?

"Harry Hill’s Tea-Time is a brilliant addition to our slate of non-scripted programming.”

Harry himself added: “I’m thrilled to be joining Sky’s exciting new line-up of entertainment programming and even more excited to know that my programmes will now be broadcast via satellite so that aliens will be able to watch them.

"They’re not going to know what’s hit them. I expect an invasion!”

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