Rylan Clark wants ALL the Spice Girls on his new chat show

Rylan Clark CBB

Rylan Clark has some big plans for his upcoming Channel 5 chat show.

The Bit On The Side host was revealed to have bagged his very own prime time series earlier this month, with the show set to air from May.

Speaking about the programme, Rylan confessed that a lot of things were still in the works.

"If I'm being 100% honest - to people who know about the show - it's not [just] me," he said this week. "It might have my name on it but I'm being very much kept out of the loop.

"I've heard from a couple of friends that things are happening but I'm keeping myself out of the situation until it's time to do it… It's where Graham Norton started - it's something that Channel 5's not done before 1999 - if it does happen my willy will go funny."

In a chat with Digital Spy, Rylan went on to reveal his dream would be to get the Spice Girls - all of them - to reunite on his show, including a live performance.

"And I mean live!" he quipped.

Rylan added: "I will definitely be inviting Holly and Phil on with a lot of tequila and see what happens."

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