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What time is Coronation Street tonight? Special Sunday episode airs this evening!

When is Corrie on tonight?

What time is Coronation Street tonight? A special Sunday episode airs this evening on ITV.


Tonight, Coronation Street airs at 7PM on ITV with an hour long episode.

Coronation Street spoilers

In tonight’s episode, Phelan makes a grave decision about Andy’s fate. Rana and Kate’s night out ends in upset, and Todd leaves Summer and Amy to their own devices.

This Sunday night’s episode will air because there is NO SHOW on Monday night due to the football.

Instead of Corrie, ITV will be airing live football of England v Slovakia’s World Cup qualifier on Monday.

While Corrie has been dropped, EastEnders will still air but starts at the earlier time of 6:45PM.

Coronation Street then returns on Wednesday 6th September at 7.30pm. In this episode, Eileen seeks the truth behind Phelan’s shifty behaviour. Will comforts Michelle on Robert’s day in court and Gemma hatches a plan to help Rita.

The show will then air two episodes on Friday.

The first on Friday 8th September at 7.30pm, Will masterminds a drugs raid on the Bistro. Faye suspects Seb of hiding something and Rita confides in Norris about her memory lapses.


Then an hour later on ITV at 8.30pm, Michelle vows to put a stop to Rich’s reign of terror. Faye plans a secret trip for Seb and Rita dismisses Gemma’s concerns for her health.

Coronation Street is the story of the everyday lives of ordinary folk living in a northern town called Weatherfield. The show’s unique blend of heartwarming comedy and powerful drama always remaining at the forefront of its programming since 1960.