Victoria Eisermann news

Big Brother 2012: Victoria Eisermann coy over Simon Cowell romance!

Evicted Big Brother 2012 housemate Victoria Eisermann has claimed she got close to Simon Cowell, but wouldn't comment if they were more than friends!

Big Brother 2012: Victoria Eisermann blasts 'd**khead' Caroline Wharram

Evicted Big Brother 2012 housemate Victoria Eisermann has hit out at Caroline Wharram, branding the student a "d**khead".

Big Brother UK: Victoria backs Lydia Louisa to win!

Evicted Big Brother housemate Victoria Eisermann has backed Lydia Louisa to win the show.

Big Brother 2012 eviction: 1% between Lydia and Victoria!

Just one percent separated Lydia Louisa and Victoria Eisermann on tonight's Big Brother 2012 eviction.

Who left Big Brother 2012? Victoria Eisermann is evicted!

Victoria Eisermann has become the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012.

Big Brother 2012 housemate Victoria Eisermann 'wants to be human Barbie'

Surgery obsessed Big Brother UK housemate Victoria Eisermann has spent millions on trying to become a 'human Barbie'.

Big Brother 2012 fight! Arron Lowe and Victoria Eisermann clash!

Fueled up on alcohol and worried about tonight's impending eviction, it was only a matter of time until a Big Brother fight broke out!

Big Brother 2012: Arron Lowe, Chris James blast stroppy Victoria Eisermann

Big Brother 2012 saw another argument last night, with Arron Lowe and Chris James lashing out at Victoria Eisermann.

VIDEO: Big Brother 2012: Lydia Louisa lap dances for Victoria Eisermann

It's been a wild night in the Big Brother house this evening, which ended in a lap dance!

PICTURES! Kissing & Lap dances as Big Brother 2012 housemates play spin the bottle

The Big Brother 2012 housemates played spin the bottle last night, ending in kisses and lap dances!

Big Brother news: Two faced Lydia Louisa comforts Victoria Eisermann

We're not sure what Big Brother 2012's Lydia Louisa is up to, but she's definitely playing a game!

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh Hughes, Lauren Carre get bitchy!

The Big Brother bitching has well and truly begun, with clear cliques now forming!

Big Brother 2012: Victoria Eisermann threatens to walk!

She's only been in the Big Brother 2012 house two days, but Victoria Eisermann has already threatened to walk!

BB 2012: Deana Uppal says sorry to Lydia Louisa, Victoria Eisermann for nominating them

Deana Uppal has apologised to Lydia Lousia and Victoria Eisermann for nominating them during last night's BB launch.