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What's happening in Neighbours? Will Sarah save Susan's marriage?

Sarah tries to convince Susan not to divorce Karl, still feeling guilty over the lies that have ate up Susan and Karl's marriage over the years. Will she be able...

Neighbours logo What's happening this week in Neighbours? Sarah causes further problems for Karl and Susan!

Sarah's presence in Erinsborough causes further problems for Karl and Susan this week when Susan serves Karl with the divorce papers, deciding that they need to make a final decision.

Neighbours logo What's happening in Neighbours? Sarah Beaumont is back!

Just as Susan and Karl look to be on the verge of a reunion this week, in typical Ramsay Street fashion, a major thorn in their side reappears when Sarah...

Neighbours unveils a plethora of sensational returns to get 2013 off to a great start!

Neighbours have announced a number of exciting returns and additions to the show's cast which are set to shake the show up as it moves into 2013!