Sara McLean news

Big Brother 2012: Sara insists she doesn't fancy Arron!

Despite Shievonne and Ashleigh's best efforts, there's definitely not going to be any Big Brother romance between Sara and Arron.

Big Brother video: Shievonne, Ashleigh play cupid with Arron and Sara!

After Big Brother housemate Arron admitted his crush on Sara yesterday, the other housemates have been playing cupid and trying to get them together!

Big Brother gossip: Arron Lowe fancies Sara McLean!

Move over Luke S and Ashleigh, there's a new Big Brother couple in the house!

Big Brother news: Adam Kelly, Sara McLean row over 'Jesus joke'

Big Brother housemates Adam Kelly an Sara McLean rowed last night over a 'Jesus joke'.

PICTURES! Big Brother 2012: Caroline passes her secret task

Caroline Wharram passed Big Brother's secret task last night, winning herself a private party with Sara McLean and Lauren Carre.

Big Brother 2012: Arron, Lauren bitch about 'boring' Sara

Lauren Carre and Arron Lowe have hit out at Sara McLean in the Big Brother house this evening, branding the Scottish model boring.

Big Brother 2012: Adam, Luke and Arron rate the girls!

The guys of the Big Brother house have spent today rating the girls, and it's Lauren and Deana who come out on top!

Big Brother 2012: Sara breaks down in tears over the Queen!

The pressure of the Big Brother 2012 house is really getting to Sara McLean, who last night broke down in tears.

Big Brother 2012: Lauren in tears over Sara and Deana bitching!

What a day in the Big Brother UK house it has been, and it all got a little too much for poor Lauren Carre, who was in tears this evening.

Big Brother gossip: Deana reveals to Sara about nominations!

The nominations chat continued in the Big Brother house this afternoon, with Deana bringing Sara up to speed on the latest.

Big Brother 2012: Sara McLean reveals crush on Chris James

Big Brother housemate Sara McLean has revealed her surprising crush on Chris James.

Big Brother UK: Deana, Shievonne and Sara discuss the house hotties!

With little to do in the Big Brother house today, some of the girls turned their discussion to the house hotties!

Big Brother 2012: Luke Scrase fancies Sara McLean!

Big Brother star Luke Scrase has admitted that he has a crush on Sara McLean!

Big Brother gossip: Luke Anderson unsure whether to reveal his secret

Big Brother 2012 housemate Luke Anderson has admitted he's unsure whether or not to reveal he was born a woman.