Sara McLean news

Big Brother 2012: Becky, Sara blast competitive Conor

Big Brother's Becky and Sara have hit out at competitive Conor, accusing the nominated housemate of wanting to win more than seeing his family!

Big Brother 2012: Married Luke A has 'sexy dreams' over Sara!

Married Big Brother housemate Luke A has confessed that he's been having dirty dreams over his fellow housemates.

Big Brother news: Luke A, Sara clash over tobacco

Luke A and Sara clashed in the Big Brother house yesterday, over accusations that he had stolen Ashleigh's tobacco.

Big Brother news: Now Shievonne and Sara are arguing! (VIDEO)

It's been a rather tense morning in the Big Brother house today, and it wasn't long before another argument was starting to kick off.

Big Brother latest: Does Lauren have a "lesbian crush" on Sara?

Big Brother housemate Lauren has once again been accused of having a crush on fellow housemate Sara.

Big Brother 2012 nominations: Deana still fears being voted for!

It's nominations day in the Big Brother house, and the nerves are getting to the housemates.

Big Brother news: Caroline blames her bitching on being FAT!

Big Brother housemate Caroline has blamed her being bitchy on being FAT.

Luke A, Sara angry at Big Brother over 'An Audience With Adam' task

Big Brother housemates Sara and Luke A have hit out at BB for playing mind games on them.

PICTURES! Big Brother girls take part in a bum work out!

With the sun out, the Big Brother ladies were quick to start removing clothes this afternoon, but it was all for a work out!

Big Brother 2012: Caroline cries as Sara, Scott and Arron fight

There were tears and fights on Big Brother 2012 tonight, following the fall out of the latest nominations.

PICTURES! Big Brother 2012 housemates battle over the kitchen!

For this week's Big Brother shopping task, the housemates have been split in two two teams and must battle for parts of the house.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Caroline clash in late night row

Big Brother UK housemates Sara and Caroline clashed last night, after Caroline claimed that Sara had "snapped" at her.

Big Brother 2012: Sara, Lauren row over cigarettes

Cigarettes have caused yet more arguments in the Big Brother UK this this week.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Arron kiss... then fall out!

A very drunk Sara kissed Arron in the Big Brother house last night, despite protests from the hunky model.