Sara McLean news

Sara McLean fears Big Brother has ruined her life!

Big Brother housemate Sara has confessed she feels she's "ruined her life" by appearing on the show.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Adam clash over lie detector task

Big Brother's lie detector task yesterday certainly caused some tensions in the house, with Sara given some tricky questions to answer.

Big Brother news: Sara passes 'lie detector' task

Yesterday, Sara was chosen by the Big Brother housemates as The Most Genuine Housemate and was called to the Diary Room where she was asked to take part in Lie...

PICTURES! Big Brother's Sara goes speed dating!

Big Brother housemate Sara was the latest victim to one of BB's pranks last night, as she was sent to speed date the male housemates.

Big Brother video: Luke S sits down for a date with Sara!

As part of yesterday's Big Brother speed dating task, Luke S sat down with a date with Sara, and it was a fascinating watch.

Big Brother 2012: Luke A wins Sara 'speed hating' task

Luke A has won a secret challenge in the Big Brother house this evening, which saw the guys speed date Sara.

Big Brother 2012: Sara set speed dating task (but there's a twist!)

Big Brother has given Sara a very special task today, but as always with BB, all is not as it seems!

Big Brother 2012: Lauren and Sara punished for nominations talk

Lauren and Sara became the latest Big Brother housemates to be punished for nominations talk last night.

Big Brother 2012 nominations: Scott, Sara, Luke S win immunity!

Scott, Sara and Luke S have won immunity from this week's Big Brother 2012 nominations and therefore eviction.

Big Brother warns Scott and Sara over drinking habits

Big Brother has reportedly had to warn housemates Scott and Sara over their drinking habits.

Big Brother 2012: Sara, Luke S rip into "moody" Luke A

Big Brother housemates Sara and Luke S have spent this morning bitching about Luke A.

Sara McLean apologises to Big Brother for being boring!

Big Brother housemate Sara has apologised in the Diary Room for being boring!

Big Brother 2012: Becky, Sara doubt Ashleigh & Luke's 'romance'

Big Brother housemates Sara and Becky have joined Deana in doubting Luke S' relationship with Ashleigh.

Big Brother 2012: Sara McLean gets message from home

Big Brother housemate Sara McLean got the chance to listen to a message from home in the Diary Room today.