Sara McLean news

Big Brother 2012: Sara wants to quit the White Room!

Sara, Luke S and Conor haven't been in the White Room for even 24 hours yet, but Sara already wants out.

Big Brother 2012: Sara's mum says sorry for upsetting Scott!

Mum of Big Brother housemate Sara has apologised after making Scott cry following Monday's nominations!

Big Brother news: Conor, Luke S, Sara struggle in the White Room

The housemates in Big Brother's White Room are already struggling with life in just one room.

Big Brother news: Scott cries over nomination from Sara's mum!

The Big Brother nominations this week saw the family and friends nominate, causing some arguments.

PICTURES! Sara, Conor and Luke S enter the Big Brother White Room!

Big Brother revealed the White Room task to the housemates earlier today, with Sara, Conor and Luke S entering this afternoon.

Big Brother 2012: Deana and Sara clash in eviction aftermath

Fueled by booze, Deana and Sara had a bit of a clash in the Big Brother house last night in the aftermath of Caroline's eviction.

Big Brother 2012 eviction: Sara, Adam, Luke A and Deana saved

Big Brother housemates Sara, Adam, Luke A and Deana have been saved from eviction.

Big Brother latest: Sara and Deana clash over Caroline

Sara and Deana's friendship was put to the test this evening in the Big Brother house after they clashed over Caroline.

Big Brother 2012: Double eviction speculation!

With eight housemates up for eviction this week, the Big Brother housemates have been speculating over how many of them will be booted out.

Big Brother news: Sara cries over 'bitchy' house

The pressure of Big Brother finally got to Sara McLean yesterday, as she broke down in tears in the Diary Room.

Big Brother 2012: House fallout over Sara and Deana's secret task

The Big Brother housemates all fell out yesterday, as the group were given the latest part of the shopping task.

Big Brother 2012: Sara and Caroline clash over fast food

Caroline's sarcastic tone has been winding up yet more Big Brother housemates, with Sara becoming the latest to get wound up.

Big Brother latest: Ashleigh upset over losing Deana's letter

Yesterday, was a very emotional day in the Big Brother house, with the group being given the chance to win letters from home.

Big Brother 2012: Sara becomes the Queen for a letter from home!

Big Brother housemate Sara has become the Queen in order to win a letter from home.